Careful consideration to the esthetics of each event is combined with the preparation of delicious cuisine. Elaborate culinary displays demonstrate contemporary sophistication.  Our services include floral arranging, intricate cheese displays, and wine pairing. Whatever the occasion, we will offer conversation stirring food and make yours a memorable event.

In home dinner delivery is a lovely way to enjoy healthy, gourmet food delivered to your front door. Each meal is delivered in cookware that is easily re-heatable by stovetop or oven. Each element of the meal is prepared separately to layer flavors and create a delightful epicurean experience.  


Private delivery is also a thoughtful way to honor a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday or an addition to the family.

Dinner Delivery



Private Chef

Hosting a private dinner in the comfort of your own home is an intimate and personal way to entertain your guests. We collaborate to design unique and inviting tablescapes, personalized menues and and theme based events.  Every detail is thoughtfully considered to create a memorable experience. 

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